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The Z Race M is a frame bag made for triathletes and road racers who want easy access to nutrition. The Z Race M is a frame bag which fits to the top tube, via velcro or can bolt onto top tubes. The transparent window and magnetic opening ensures quick and easy access to the contents of the bag for the riders (bars, gels,...). Two removable internal compartments mean a better organisation of energy bars needed by cyclists / Triathletes during a race.

  • 0.5 L capacity
  • Water resistant - Translucent - magnetic cover  
  • Measures 220 x 60 x 90
  • Top has magnetic opening for fast access
  • Supplied with washers for frame mounts
  • Has 2 removable inner compartments
  • Wide opening gives better access
  • Attach to stem and top tube via double velcro strap or can be screwed onto frame. 
  • 130g
  • Zefal