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Made for long rides, The Z Hydro XL is a hydration bag that comes with a 3L water bladder. It is made from PEVA and is guaranteed to be BPA-free. The large opening makes it quick and easy to clean. Adjustable straps (chest belt and hip belt with 2 pockets) and foam reinforcements means the Z Hydro XL can be adapted to the shape of the rider. Bag capacity is 11L without bladder or 8L with bladder.

  • X/Large Bag capacity 8L with bladder (11L without)  -  Hydration pack capacity 3L 
  • Storage - 5 Large pockets with 2 compartments  
  • Velvet lined zipped phone pouch
  • Hydration bag has large flip top opening that allows for easy filling & cleaning. Is also BPA free
  • Hydration hose length 1000mm with intelligent smart valve that automatically opens & closes
  • Bag has a soft comfortable perforated underside to protect your back
  • Bag has 2 clips to hold additional items to bag - See picture   
  • Made from lightweight resistant material
  • Light bracket
  • Hanger hook  
  • 510g
  • Zefal