Taipan Koloss 27.5 x 2.80 Tubeless Tyre

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Hutchinson 27.5 x 2.80 Taipan Koloss Tubeless Ready Tyres

The versatile Taipan now in "Koloss" version. Developped specifically for 27.5+ MTB bikes, the Taipan Koloss reflects the ethos of this range: ready for all-terrain! Thanks to its generous volume and Spider Tech technology, it is ideal for Enduro/All Moutain and/or Mountain eBikes. Its specific profile inspired by the Taipan makes it a both fast rolling and high traction tyre. The center cleats have been spaced to ensure better performance and better mud shedding ability. Conversely, the lateral studs retained their original size in order to bring grip in curves.

Spider technology:
• Double layer sidewalls: better protection against tears, and lower risk of unseating the tyre
• Puncture protection belt inserted under the tread
• More flexible center tread so that the tyre responds better to pressure and pilotage demands

While you could easily run a pair of these tyres for fast dry terrain try running a Taipan Koloss on the rear with a Toro Koloss on the front for the ultimate all terrain setup.


  • Size: 27.5 x 2.80
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Folding bead design
  • 66 TPI Casing with SpiderTech construction
  • Fragmented centre knobs
  • Sculpted lateral knobs
  • Low rolling esistance
  • Fast mud shedding
  • A fantastic rear tyre
  • 900gm