Squale 27.5 x 2.35 Tubeless - Hutchinson

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This first tire was co-designed by Nicolas Vouilloz. The later 2.5 version was slightly modified by the Hutchinson UR team. On the latter models the spacing and position of the transition knobs have been changed to make cornering transitions more predictable. Both these treads are aggressive enduro and DH tires. The wider 2.35 tyre also has three compounds. 2 compounds on knobs, one rolling and one for the cornering lugs. The third compound is a harder compound that lies under the knobs to support these knobs when they're under extreme acceleration, braking or cornering. Furthermore, the 2.35 tyre has a 2x66 ply casing that's rugged in any situation adding support and puncture protection.

  • 27.5 X 2.35 Tubeless Ready
  • 2 x 66TPI
  • Folding  
  • Hardskin
  • Weight 1080gms
  • XC / All Mountain  performance tyre
  • High ratings for Lateral grip, Mud shedding & Puncture protection
  • Hutchinson