Skeleton 27.5 x 2.15 Tubeless - Hutchinson

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SKELETON 27.5 x 2.15 XC

The Skeleton will delight XC riders who want performance, bike handling, and grip! Its new 53 mm width offers a gain of deformation and lateral support, conducive to aggressive and committed riding. Its tread has been studied to offer optimal rolling performance, always in contact with the ground. Intermediate and progressive side knobs provide safety and get full meaning on wide rims. The new XC Hutchinson weapon! Dedicated tyre for cross country racing. This tyre provides the optimum balance & performance when pushed to the limit.

  • 27.5 X 2.15 
  • Race Ripost XC Specifically tuned rubber durometers 50, 70, 90a to promote low rolling resistance and increase grip
  • 127 TPI
  • Folding - Tubeless Ready
  • Weight 600gms
  • XC / All mountain performance tyre
  • High ratings for Fast rolling, Lateral grip, Performance & lightness
  • Hutchinson