150mm Puncture Repair Spray - Zefal

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Repair Spray repairs and instantly reinflates flat tyres without having to change the inner tube. This type of rapid and simple fix allows you to continue your ride without having to do a repair. The fix isn't long-lasting as the product that is injected dries out in a few days. It is advisable to change the inner tube or to repair it. The Repair Spray becomes less effective against punctures larger than 2mm.

  • 150ml bottle with fittings for FV & SV valves
  • For 26'', 27.5'' & 29''
  • Re-inflates up to pressure of 2/3 bar / 30psi
  • Repairs punctures up to 2mm
  • Works on both standard tubes & tubeless
  • Regulated valve on can  
  • Zefal product - Made in France