Planet Bike - Pro Comp Saddle - Titanium rails

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Planet Bike's Comp saddle is a mixture of performance and comfort. Gel padding and vibration dampening technology keep you happy on those long cycling expeditions. Its narrow nose allows a freer range of movement so you can tap into your power pedaling position. If you want a race lightweight comfort saddle this is the saddle for you.

  • Hexo-skeleton PRO platform creates a lightweight & comfortable perfoprmance saddle that dampens road vibration
  • Ergonomic gel padding provides a forgiving ride & dissipates perineal zone pressure
  • Sleek design allows freer range of movement for more efficient peddling
  • Hex holes increase air flow
  • Micro scale on rails for pin-point positioning
  • Titanium rails - Saddle weight 276gms
  • 285mm long x 130mm wide
  • Water resistant top
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