Little Grippa Lock & Loop Luggage Elastic cords

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Nothing lives up to our slogan better than Little Grippa - whatever you’re about Little Grippa is the product for you. It’s got so many uses even we haven’t found them all yet. The trick is the loop and lock technique - loop it, lock it, leave it, love it! Safe, fast and easy to use - Little Grippas are fully adjustable cords and allow for quick release when needed. Our customers are loving these - on the bike, on the trailer, around the rolled up camping mattress, great for tents, marquees, banners, sail ties on the boat , on the beehive, in the car, around the Christmas Tree, on the farm.....

  • Strong Elastic Cords
  • Each cord contains 1 loop & lock catch
  • Simply pull tight & lock in place
  • Premium quality bungy cord & long lasting
  • Will retain 100% stretch & recovery
  • UV & wear resistant bungy
  • Made in NZ

Available in 2 sizes:-

  • 5mm X 600mm - (4 cords per pack)
  • 8mm X 1m - (2 cords per pack)