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LIKE PNEU SPECIALIST TYRE & BRAKE CLEANER   Deep-acting tyre cleaner: residue-free and results in a strong, original colour/finish.

Your tyres can become faded, dull and lacklustre over time, due to sun, tar, mud and other contaminants that they pick up. Tan tyres will also discolour and stain quite quickly. Use Like Pneu to revitalise the original colour and remove the tar and grease embedded within.

Also available as a KWIPE; our quick wipe single use solution in a 15ml sachet

Instructions: Pour a small amount of Like Pneu onto a sponge and work it into the tyre. The product will foam readily, lifting dirt and cleaning the rubber surface deeply. Rinse the tyre thoroughly with water after application. Like Pneu is safe to use on all tyre types and braking components (rinsing essential). Use cautiously on painted tyres. If unsure of results, test on an inconspicuous area first.


  • 100ml bottle and 15ml KWIPE sachet
  • Deep acting tyre cleaner
  • Restores faded, dull and lackluster tyres
  • Revitalise original colour
  • KWIPE is a quick wipe clean single use solution
  • Crankalicious product