Lanox - Heavy Duty Water Resistent Lubricant - Inox

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Made from Lanolin (Natural Wax) This product is anti-corrosion & does not wash off with water and combined with a high grade lubricating oil provides superior lubrication for anything that is exposed to water.   

Jet Skis and Outboards

Protects outboards, clamps, props and jet skis from salt water corrosion, will not harm or harden rubber fittings – Keeps control and steering cables and linkages in good working order, lubricated and corrosion free.

  • 300gm Aerosol can 
  • Great for bike chains, locks, outboards, Roller doors, axels, Anchors, Machinery etc
  • Does not become sticky, gooey or gum up
  • Does not dry out or wash off with water
  • Harmless to plastics, rubber, seals & painted surfaces
  • Ideal for Marine applications