Inox - Lanox - Heavy Duty Water Resistent Lubricant

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Made from Lanolin (Natural Wax) This product is anti-corrosion & does not wash off with water and combined with a high grade lubricating oil provides superior lubrication for anything that is exposed to water.See Video  Inox Lube for Motors & Trailers - YouTube 

Jet Skis and Outboards

Protects outboards, clamps, props and jet skis from salt water corrosion, will not harm or harden rubber fittings – Keeps control and steering cables and linkages in good working order, lubricated and corrosion free.

  • 300gm Aerosol can
  • Great for bike chains, locks, outboards, Roller doors, axels, Anchors, Machinery etc
  • Does not become sticky, gooey or gum up
  • Does not dry out or wash off with water
  • Harmless to plastics, rubber, seals & painted surfaces
  • The only solution for marine applications