Hand Cleaner - Loctite SF7850

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Essential addition to every workplace, toolbox or glove compartment. Leaves a fresh smelling citrus smell as well as moisturises your hands. Yuk Off is solvent free and removes oil. grease, grime & dirt. Ideal 400ml size to fit in toolbox.

DIRECTIONS - Rub into hands until grease is dissolved - then rinse off with water

  • Rapidly removes grease, oil, grime & dirt and other industrial contaminants from your hands.
  • Contains pumice to assist in the removal of stubborn grit 
  • Lanolin, Aloe & Jojoba enriched to care for your hands as it cleans
  • Contains no harmfull petroleum solvents
  • Leave a fresh citrus smell
  • Supplied in a 400ml bottle with snap top lid
  • Loctite