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High performance chain cleaner/degreaser, to reduce chain friction caused by contamination. 

With everything your chain goes through, with all that gets thrown at it during a ride, you need a specially formulated chain cleaner to keep it at its best; the cleaner it is, the more efficient your chain will be. Suits direct or device application.

Available as a KWIPE; our quick wipe single use solution in a 15ml sachet

Instructions: Either use direct with a cloth or poor into a chain cleaning tool. Use on chain, derailleur, crank to remove grease, grime & oil 


  • 15ml KWIPE sachet
  • 20 Sachets per Display Box
  • Acts as a cleaner and degreaser
  • High performance chain cleaner
  • Reduces chain friction caused by contamination
  • KWIPE is ideal to carry on a multi-day ride 
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