Giro SuperNatural Fit System

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A superb fit, with adjustable arch support to help optimize comfort and enhance pedaling efficiency. The SuperNatural Fit Kit combines a cycling-specific footbed with an adjustable arch support system that allows riders to choose the amount of support needed - creating a custom fit right out of the box. They're available in Men's and Women's sizes and compatible with most brands of cycling footwear. The SuperNatural Fit Kit is also recommended by Retul™, the most advanced bike fit system available today.

Content: 2 Footbeds, 3 Sets of arch support (Low, Med, High)

Footbed: Cycling-specific design, SuperNatural Fit Kit with adjustable arch support, X-Static ® anti-microbial fibe

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Available sizes:

Mens: XS (39-40.5), S (41-42.5), M (43-44.5), L (45-46.5), XL (47-48)

Womens: XS (36-37.5), S (38-39.5), M (40-41.5), L (42-43)