Fusion5 11Storm 700 x 28 - All Season Kevlar - Hutchinson

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The Fusion 5 All Season 11Storm is the perfect ally for long intensive outings. We have worked on a specific compound thickness (1.6mm) with a tailored particle size to favour durability and grip on wet roads. The Kevlar® reinforcement protects the casing from puncture risks. You will be able to blithely pass the 5000 km mark with performance and comfort. The Fusion 5 All Season Storm tyre is suited for racing & training in all weather conditions.

  • 127 TPI
  • Available in 700 x 28c
  • 210gms
  • 100% Kevlar puncture reinforcement under the tread gives 50% increased puncture protection
  • 80 to 115psi
  • High level ratings for  grip, efficiency, durability, puncture resistance and comfort
  • Performance and adhesion in all weather conditions
  • Hutchinson - Made in France