Exus Grease Gun

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Exus Lube System Grease Gun

This long tip grease pump is suitable for use with all grease Guard purgeable bearing systems. The pumps special long tip is precision radiused to mate exactly with all popular grease fittings and delivers about 2 cc of grease per stroke. This feature avoids seal damage and helps eliminate the problem of over greasing, which can actually increase friction in a bearing. The long tip will reach even the most recessed suspension pivot grease ports.

 The Exus grease is a specially formulated, high grade paraffin based lithium grease that comes in a 3.5oz tube and is also available as a set with the specially designed grease pump.

  • Use on pedals, hubs, bottom brackets, headsets & cable
  • Clean, accurate grease application
  • Long reach design
  • One handed operation
  • Exus grease E-GO2 Lithium yellow grease
  • Gease contains anti-wear additives to prolong component life
  • Expels water, Stops rust and remians stable under temperature changes
  • Grease gun available seperately