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Intensive cleanser for saddle, shoes, gloves and bar tape. Works on natural and synthetic materials (i.e. uncoated and coated natural hide, leather cloth/faux leather and vinyl). Bar tape, saddle, shoes… all have the potential to get muddy and grubby during the course of a ride. Epic Hide will clean and refresh these surfaces. We've shown a picture of an old, very dirty saddle. The left side was cleaned with Epic Hide, the right side untouched.  You can see the difference Epic Hide makes on even the oldest, most dirty saddle.

Instructions: Spray Epic Hide directly onto leather or vinyl and remove contamination with a clean, dry sponge or cloth. Rinse with a damp cloth. Allow to dry naturally. Repeat process for particularly grubby areas or stubborn stains. Note: do not use on damaged or degraded materials. If unsure of results, test on an inconspicuous area first.


  • 100ml & 250ml spray bottle and 15ml KWIPE sachet
  • Use on bar tape, saddles, shoes, pads. 
  • Safe to use on leather or vinyl
  • KWIPE is a quick wipe clean single use solution
  • High product reviews
  • Crankalicious product