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Hybrid frame wax/sealant, to enhance and protect the frame.

Once you've got a perfectly clean frame, you want to keep it looking that way. Our hybrid wax will impart a durable, glossy shine, whilst filling and masking tiny imperfections. Rain and mud will also find it difficult to stick to the super smooth surface. A great finish and easier to clean next time; what's not to like? And don't be fooled by the small 30ml size. This mini jar will do dozens of layers on a typical frame, and each layer may last 4-6 months before re-application is required.

Instructions: After the bike has been cleaned, apply a small amount of Chrisp Frame Wax to the applicator and apply to the frame. Wait until it drys and buff off


  • 30ml mini jar 
  • Enhances and protects the frame
  • Protects surfaces and prolongs the finish
  • Repels water & mud
  • Stops mud sticking following application
  • Apply with the Digit Mitt for best results

DIGIT MITT - A super-soft foam applicator for wax.

We couldn't find the perfect wax applicator, so we decided to make one. These hand-stitched foam ‘finger mitts’ are therefore made from the softest 110ppi foam - the densest foam you can get - and have an internal seam so there is no ‘sonic weld’ around the edge to mar a soft finish. (The high density means the wax is kept on the surface of the paint, rather than being absorbed back into the applicator.)