Chainstay Protectors - Neoprene - Lizard Skins

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Available for 26, 27.5 and 29ers with Sharkskin backing.  Sharkskin offers critical frame protection, dampening and a non-slip texture. Ride with minimal chain slap by using a Chainstay Protector. Designed and made in our Utah facility, the Chainstay Protector is made with neoprene and sewn with a tight stitch and heavy-duty thread for extra strength and durability. Lizard Skins chainstay guards are the original, strongest and lightest protectors on the market since 1993.

  • Made from a patented neporene material in Utah by Lizard Skins 
  • Prevents nicks, dings and scratches to your frame to give you frame protection 
  • Eliminates chain clatter & dirt to give you noise dampening
  • Colour code a chainstay to your bike
  • Available in 3 colours - Black, Blue & red
  • Length 280mm (All 3 sizes)
  • Wider 40mm velcro
  • Sharkskin neoprene backing
  • Lizard Skins - Made in USA

Available in three sizes:

  • SMALL    - Fits chainstay circumference of   70 - 100mm
  • MEDIUM  - Fits chainstay circumference of 100 - 125mm
  • LARGE    - Fits chainstay circumference of 125 - 140mm