Campagnolo Potenza 11 Rear Derailleur

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The rear derailleur also takes a great deal of inspiration from the recently launched Revolution 11+ drivetrains and guarantees a similar degree of shifting performance as a result. Changing only the materials used in its construction the Potenza 11™ rear derailleur is capable of shifting with the precision and speed of the Super Record version with the only compromise coming in the form of weight. In addition to the form and structure of the component Embrace Technology, introduced on the Super Record, Record and Chorus groupsets launched last year has been incorporated into the performance of the Potenza 11™ rear derailleur. The form of the external pieces allow the rear derailleur to move at a different angle and the internal design pulls the chain closer to the cassette. This translates into better power transfer, more secure grip, better chain/cassette interface and a longer life for consumable components. The chain will grip more teeth (when compared to rear derailleurs without Embrace Technology) and as a result disperse energy across a larger surface area, increasing the life of the cassette and lengthening the lifespan of the chain as well. By allowing the derailleur to work closer to the cassette in every position the athlete can now take advantage of perfect alignment between cassette and rear derailleur in any given gear. The internal structure of the original Revolution 11+ rear derailleur was modified slightly to produce the Potenza 11™ version in order to offer the same fantastic transmission while accepting larger gearing up to a 32 tooth cassette (medium cage).

The rear derailleur will be available in two versions; one with a 55mm cage (short cage) and the other with a  72,5mm cage (medium cage) designed to be compatible with the all-new 11-32 cassette. The 11-32 cassette signals the introduction of not only a new, lower gearing cassette, but also a new range of cassettes which are labeled “Campagnolo 11” and are to be available in the following combinations: 11-25, 11-27, 11-29, 11-32 and 12,27.

  • Short Cage (up to 29t)
  • Medium Cage (up to 32t)