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The Oxford Aquatex bicycle cover is a lightweight bike cover for indoors and outdoors. it offers protection against rain and dust. 

Key Features
• Double-stitched 100 Denier polyester for strength and durability
• Complete exterior and interior protection. Can be used both as an outdoor rain cover and an indoor dust cover
• An elasticated base with a belly strap, creates a snug and secure fit
• Comes with a zipped bag, to store away compactly when not in use
• Strong but lightweight material is UV resistant, so does not degrade in sunlight
• Double PU coating for optimal waterproofing
• Storage case provided
• Available in three sizes. Sized for 1, 2 and 3 bikes

IMPORTANT: Do not allow this cover to come into contact with hot parts, sharp objects or use for transportation on a vehicle.

  • SINGLE   200cm x 80cm x 110cm (Teardrop)
  • DOUBLE 200cm x 80cm x 110cm (Rectangle)
  • TRIPLE   200cm x 105cm x 110cm