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Place your bike against the wall & it will fall down or the wheel will turn in. Here is the solution. Simply remove the handlebar end caps & install the Bicyclck in its place  - Dock your bike to any wall or orther road bikes & it will remain upright. Also on rides click one bike to another and they remain upright.

  • Available for Road bikes or MTB's
  • Supplied with 2 handlebar end bicyclicks & Allen key 
  • Supplied with rubber rings to hold brakes on for steep places
  • The bicyclicks have built in retaining screws to stay in place in your handlebar - Maximum height is 23mm
  • Purchase a seperate Base unit so you can secure your bike to a wall
  • The hooks on the bicyclick's can be used to lock bikes to the wall or each other with a 7mm cable lock
  • Supplied with full instructions
  • IceToolz